PMS and Fertility - Homeopathy Kingston
PMS and Fertility

Homeopathy can treat PMS and other menstrual conditions.  When your body is in balance, these monthly hormonal changes should not produce symptoms or the symptoms should be very mild.  Nutritional support is also important in order to prevent cravings and moderate hormone fluctuation.   Fertility issues are on the rise in our society.  Whether treating the man or woman or a combination of both, homeopathy is successful in treating people who struggle to get or stay pregnant.  Nutrition, activity and emotional health are also important factors to support throughout this process.

Pregnancy and Postpartum - Homeopathy Kingston
Pregnancy and Postpartum

Homeopathic treatment is a wonderful option in pregnancy as it is gentle, safe and holistic. Pregnancy can bring up all kinds of common and unusual complaints and conditions.  Homeopathy is safe and effective in treating women suffering from fatigue to morning sickness to pre-eclampsia. The special nutritional needs of a woman and child in pregnancy are essential to support for the best outcome of health and happiness.   Labour and delivery can be one of the most intense experiences of a woman’s life.  Homeopathic medicine is useful in treating women experiencing fear and anxiety, breach positioning, non-progressive labour, hemorrhage and much, much more.   Postpartum conditions such as incision pain, mastitis, depression, fatigue, milk production issues and connecting with baby are common struggles.  Homeopathy is a wonderful option of women experiencing these and other postpartum events.
Menopause -  Homeopathy Kingston Menopause

The hormonal shift in menopause can be intense and prolonged.  Homeopathy can help women ease through the emotional and physical fluctuations experienced during this time.
Infants and Children - Homeopathy Kingston Infants and Children

Infants and children are some of the best responders to homeopathic treatment as they have a high vitality and adaptability.  Fevers, infections (eyes, ears, umbilical, throat and urinary), headaches, sleep and digestive issues are all common experiences for youngsters.  Quick treatment with homeopathic remedies can resolve or mitigate the symptoms


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