Sarah Hutchinson Homeopathy-Nutrition-Natural-Childbirth

About Sarah

Sarah Hutchinson is a Registered Homeopath and Natural Childbirth Educator with a fellowship designation and honours diploma in Science and Homeopathic Medicine.

She began studying homeopathy in 2003. Sarah wrote her homeopathic thesis on the concept of water memory and has practiced in a clinical setting since 2008. She is also certified in Homeoprophylaxis and CEASE Therapy.

In 2013 Sarah completed extensive training to become a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor. She has been teaching prenatal classes that teach self-hypnosis as an effective management for childbirth.

Sarah has also previously earned a college diploma in Laboratory Technology and is constantly upgrading her education through university courses, conferences and other continuing education.

Sarah loves to read, garden, practice yoga and is also a world traveler. She has lived all across Canada and currently resides in Kingston with her husband and children.


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